Yoga Block Foam Roller

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2-In-1 Foam Roller Perfect For:

  1. Warm up before exercise, Foam Muscle Roller helps to relieve Muscle Tension and increase Muscle Reflexology.
  2. Warm down after exercise, Foam Massage Roller helps to physical relaxation and relieve delayed-onset muscular soreness
  3. Perfect for positioning,balance, postural and muscle re-education,spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, and ranging and strengthening activities.
  4. Sports Massage Rollers for Stretching, Physical Therapy, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release - Ideal for Exercise and Pain Relief

Outer Trigger Point Roller

Designed with special grooves and bumps, the outer hard muscle gym roller has a grid of multiple density zones that mimics the pressure provided by a masseuse with palm and finger-like pressure. This allows for specific, concentrated tension relief from any sports injury and back pain.

  • Yoga auxiliary training
  • Core stabilization training
  • Depth to alleviate fatigue
  • Deepest myofascial-release massage available
  • Warm up/down safely before your workout
  • Relieve muscle tension, soreness after exercise
  • Releasing painful trigger points
  • Quick rehabilitation

Softer Inner Lightweight Fitness Roller

Made with odorless and waterproof EVA, the inner foam roller is absolutely sturdy and works for both experienced and first-time users. Uses:
  • Treats Compartment Syndrome
  • Neck, back, shoulders, glutes, legs, and lumbar massage
  • Improve Core strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility
  • Ease into foam rolling as a beginner
  • Lose weight, and posture improvement

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    Excellent article

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    Good quality. Check the size before, because it's a little small