Bluetooth Eye Massage and Therapy with Speaker

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*Air Compressors, Vibration, Warmth with Bluetooth Music*


This relieving eye massager has so many features and the fold away design means it can be neatly transported for an anytime relieving eye massage. Use the side control panel to set intensity levels, control heat temperature and connect to your playlist via Bluetooth.

 Built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery


  • The heat/ vibration/ pressure modes can help relieve eye fatigue
  • Because it is 180 degree foldable, it is easily portable
  • Material is solid and feels good
  • The unit has 2 intensity levels which apply moderate air pressure to relieve eye fatigue, eye strain, dry eyes and headaches.
  • Has a built-in heating pad with moderate temperatures to stimulate blood circulation around your eyes. You can choose between high and low temperature to gain the comfort level right for you.
  • Connect with Bluetooth to your favourite playlist which will play through the built-in speakers, to complete the relaxing experience.
  • The eye care massager has built in lithium battery that lasts up to 60 - 90 minutes. After 15 minutes, it will be automatically stopped to save power.


  • Warmth generated will help relief eye fatigue
  • Mini compressor swells and puts a little pressure on your brow bone
  • Charging is done via standard USB
  • Pairing the product with your phone via Bluetooth

Where and When

  • Lying down on your bed after a tiring day when you want to unwind with gentle warmth and gentle air pressure around the eyes whilst listening to a soothing playlist from your Bluetooth device
  • On holidays - the lightweight nature of this eye massager means you can pack the unit up and take it away with you.
  • On a break at work when you need to give your strained eyes a break from computer work


  • People who experience eye fatigue from spending long hours at the computer or pouring over numbers
  • People who just want to relax with a forehead massage, music and eye warmth
  • May help relieve headaches