Electrode Pads Adjustable Neck Massage

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Purpose and Benefits


  • Uses electronic pulse massager to relax neck
  • Electronic pulse simulates the following techniques: 1. Relaxing massage mode; 2. Cupping mode; 3. Scaping mode; 4. Patting mode; 5. Acupuncture mode; 6. Manipulation mode.


  • Can help relax the local neck muscles, relieve joint stiffness and accelerate blood circulation
  • The Electrode Pad Stimulator Tens which are connected to the neck massager via a jack cord can deliver massage to other parts of the body


  • Flexible fitting to your neck
  • Choose the massage mode and massage strength from unit control buttons
  • Insert the electrode pad jack to connect electrode pads to deliver massage to other parts of body
  • Physical Therapy Acupuncture Electrode Pad Stimulator Tens

 Where and When

  • Enjoy massage relief anywhere, anytime. When you are at work, travelling in the car, catching up with a friend or relaxing in the park, your battery powered neck massager can be doing its work. 


Suitable for the people

  • Who have neck pain and fatigue
  • Who just want to relax

 Pack includes

  • 1 x Neck Massager
  • 2 x Pads
  • 1 x Wire


  • Brand: KLASAVSA
  • Material: ABS/ plastic
  • Power: 3VDC30MA (2 x AAA batteries). Not included.
  • Pulse frequency: 0Hz - 1000Hz