Mega Luxury Inflatable Air Pillow (Coming Soon)

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This ergonomically designed neck traction collar supports your neck and helps muscles relax.


1 x Cervical Traction Device


  • Color: Purple, Rose Red, Dark Blue, Army Green, Brown
  • Material Soft suede


  • Soft suede material that enhances your comfort
  • Resistant Metal Pipe Valve - to control air pressure
  • Air stopping ball - that avoids air leak


  • Inflate the 3 pipe-design brace pillow according to your desired air volume, using the hand pump. Then enjoy the feeling of a fully stretched neck.

 Where and When

  • Enjoy relief anywhere, anytime. When you are at work, catching up with a friend or relaxing in the park, your inflatable air pillow can be doing its work. 


Suitable for the people

  • Who have neck pain and fatigue
  • Who just want to relax