Portable Mini Massager Gun

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Purpose and Benefits

Our Small Massage Gun delivers reliable percussion therapy to sore muscles. Feed your muscles with the oxygen they need to recover after your latest gruelling workout. 
4 head attachments massage gun can effectively reduce muscle stiffness and sore pain, increasing blood circulation. A deep muscle treatment unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Sphere head: For gentle deep...


The Mini Massage Gun comes with 4 different massage heads, meeting various demand.

Type-C charging compatible with mobile phone chargers.

Colourful fashion design and perfect as a gift.

Small size and you can easily put in your bag.

60 Days long battery life. 2000mAh large capacity lithium battery, use 10 minutes per day, and you can use for 60 days with the first gear mode.

This Small Fascia Gun can effectively reduce muscle stiffness and sore pain, increasing blood circulation.

4-speed adjustment, you can choose that you fit.

Suitable for recovery after sports fatigue, rehabilitation after sports injury, pain relief during the convalescence period of surgery, as well as reducing inflammatory reaction.

Pack Includes

1*massage gun
4*massage heads
1* type C Charging Cable
1* Travel Case

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