TENS Muscle Stimulator (2018 Version) 2 Ports - 16 Modes - 10 Strengths

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Features and Benefits

*16 Choices of Modes*

16 stimulation modes, you can choose between a diverse range from knocking, kneading, shiatsu and more. 16 massage techniques help to relieve pain, including shoulder, waist, back, buttocks, etc. (Pressing the "M" button to change the mode.)

*Adjustable Schedule Timer & Intensity*

Create a scheduled timer from 10-60min by pressing the "T" button. And, the unit will automatically shut-off when the time is up. Also, there are 10 intensity levels, easy to adjust by pressing the "+/-" button to increase or decrease the intensity.

*2 Outputs*

2 outputs are isolated and has the same power, allow 2 sets of pads to be applied to the different areas at the same time. Also, you can share with your friends or family members to have a fantastic massage experiences together.


Compact size (9.5cm x 5.0cm)and lightweight (only 52g) design, easy to carry, you can use it conveniently anywhere and anytime.

*Easy-to-view LCD Display*

The LCD display with backlight provides better viewing at day or night. And, the battery indicator will flash when it need to recharge battery.

Package List

1 * Tens Control Unit Device 
2 * Large Pad
2 * Small Pad
2 * Electric Wire
1 * USB Cable (charger)
1 * Acupuncture Point Chart
1 * English Instruction Manual

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