Touchless Sanitiser/Soap dispenser (1000ml)

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Features and Benefits

  • Touchless operation, slick finish and easy installation means its perfect for any space, the Office, Restaurants, Bathrooms, Kitchens absolutely anywhere!
  • Wall mounted design, free of hole installation tools making a very simple installation.
  • Automatic sensing function, so that you can use without contact.
  • 1000ml large capacity, can have around 900 uses per fill.
  • High quality ABS material, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion.
  • Low cost for ensuring maximum hygiene.
  • If the wall is not suitable for non perforated installation, we also provide perforated installation accessories, convenient for your use.
  • Simple and beautiful appearance.
  • It is equipped with a security lock to prevent the product from being opened by others maliciously;
  • There are two power supply modes, DC charger or batteries. The charger is configured by default for this product. Batteries sold separately.

Package Includes 

1X instruction manual

1x soap dispenser

1x dc charger

4x no hole screw paste

1x safety lock


  • Product weight:830g
  • Product material:ABS
  • Product size:26*12.5*10.8cm